Beware the Renewable Haze

By Arveent Kathirtchelvan Within the new normal, we must not let up the pressure to decarbonise our energy sources. Climate change is still the greatest existential threat known to man. The greatest contribution to climate change comes from energy generation, hence focusing on this is paramount. However, there is a danger with our environmentalism clouding … Continue reading Beware the Renewable Haze

Nuclear Solutions

By Arveent Kathirtchelvan Nuclear power plants are large, consistent generators of electricity. Throughout the world, their usage has proven to be vital in ensuring energy security whilst lowering carbon emissions significantly. However, the usefulness of these power plants goes further than just electricity generation. These plants can be made the focal points of various applications, … Continue reading Nuclear Solutions

The Nuclear Initiative Begins

Liberasi has just confirmed the first session of The Nuclear Initiative. This is our nuclear power education campaign targeting the general public, specifically university students, to spur the discussion of nuclear power adoption into the Malaysian energy mix. We are hoping to run regular sessions, at least once a month successively at different locations throughout … Continue reading The Nuclear Initiative Begins

MESTECC, Beri Ruang Kepada MNPC Untuk Bentangkan Kajian Kuasa Nuklear

#Liberasi merujuk kepada Laporan Ketua Audit Negara 2018, Pengurusan Syarikat Kerajaan Persekutuan, Siri 1 muka surat 261-300, yang melaporkan hasil audit Perbadanan Kuasa Nuklear Malaysia (Malaysia Nuclear Power Corporation, MNPC). Aktiviti MNPC Terbukti Memuaskan Laporan audit ini secara jelas menyatakan bahawa MNPC adalah suatu perbadanan yang telah melaksanakan tugasannya dengan pencapaian kualiti yang tinggi. Malah, … Continue reading MESTECC, Beri Ruang Kepada MNPC Untuk Bentangkan Kajian Kuasa Nuklear

MESTECC, The Best Ministry?

By Arveent Kathirtchelvan Amongst members of the cabinet, YBM Yeo Bee Yin manages to consistently get numerous plaudits on her achievements and qualifications. The Cambridge postgraduate never fails to impress the masses with her strong stances and boldness in handling environmental matters alongside scientific advancement. However, it seems that this universal acclaim is misguided, as … Continue reading MESTECC, The Best Ministry?

Proactive Reindustrialisation, Part 1: Nuclear Power

By Arveent Kathirtchelvan Recently, I wrote an article entitled ‘We Are Wasting Our Potential’ discussion how research and development can propel Malaysia to a greater epoch. I coined this restructuring of the economy as ‘Proactive Reindustrialisation’ as a step to reverse the premature deindustrialisation affecting Malaysia currently. As part of this restructuring, one thrust I … Continue reading Proactive Reindustrialisation, Part 1: Nuclear Power