The Nuclear Stigma, Yet Again

By Arveent Kathirtchelvan Recently, Dr. Mahathir made a few comments on his views regarding the viability of nuclear power for Malaysia. Sadly, Dr. M showcases antiquated ideas regarding a mature technology which has the potential to accelerate deep decarbonisation for the Malaysian electricity mix. As a man of science, it is disappointing, indeed, to see … Continue reading The Nuclear Stigma, Yet Again

The Nuclear Initiative Begins

Liberasi has just confirmed the first session of The Nuclear Initiative. This is our nuclear power education campaign targeting the general public, specifically university students, to spur the discussion of nuclear power adoption into the Malaysian energy mix. We are hoping to run regular sessions, at least once a month successively at different locations throughout … Continue reading The Nuclear Initiative Begins

Isu Greta Thunberg

Oleh Arveent Kathirtchelvan Saudara Ayman Rasydan Wong merupakan antara pengulas isu sosial tempatan yang saya hormati, walaupun saya secara peribadi sering berbeza pendapat dengannya. Akan tetapi, saya bersimpati dengan pandangan saudara Ayman tentang aktivisme alam sekitar arus perdana yang menjadikan saudari Greta Thunberg sebagai ikon. Saudara Ayman memandang bahawa ucapan saudari Greta hanya penuh dengan … Continue reading Isu Greta Thunberg

Sahabat Alam Malaysia’s Weak Arguments Against Lynas

By Arveent Kathirtchelvan Liberasi notes with much fatigue and express disappointment the latest empty opinion piece from eminent environmental group Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) on the government’s potential decision on the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP). The SAM president, Ms Meenakshi Raman, laments a potential 6-month extension on LAMP’s operating license, even though the company … Continue reading Sahabat Alam Malaysia’s Weak Arguments Against Lynas